Truffle Hunting at Rouvas forest

Truffle Hunting at Rouvas forest

·         Truffle Hunting at Rouvas forest!
·         Tour at the organic Beekeeper
·         Picnic at the Rouvas forest

Truffle Hunting at Rouvas forest!

Specially trained truffle dogs with their trainer are searching for this unique fruit of Grete  Forest . They offer an original experience that can be enjoyed by the family Kaphalis   from  the local area.

In the same time, participants are provided with information about this special fruit. They learn about the kind of truffles that exist on our forest and how they can be used.

The enjoyment doesn’t stop here! Participants can taste an exceptional truffle pasta dish in the forest!

Tour at the organic Beekeeper

Visiting our Organic  beehive garden at Rouvas forest , you will be taking part in a beehive tour. After wearing the beekeeper’s hat and veil, we will inspect a beehive and see the honey, brood, worker bees , drones and the queen bee herself. We will taste honey and try the honey Pita straight from the honeycomb .

We will discuss the nutritional value of honey and bee pollen, the important position of the beehive in the ecosystem for the last 110 million years, their reducing numbers worldwide and how civilization contributes to that threat, plus more.

Picnic with local delicacies

The tour includes ,  local delicacies , spaghetti with truffle from the Rouvas forest , truffle  spoon sweet which are accompanied with  local rakomelo.

Truffle Hunting at Rouvas forest!

But beyond these dates, if someone wishes to live this experience in private, he can choose between two versions: private truffle hunting and premium truffle hunting. 

Also, if someone is interested in another date, he can contact the Reception  to find out all the possible options.

Undoubtedly, this is an experience that many wish to live. Now they have the opportunity to  Enjoy!

Detailed program

  • ·         Duration 4 to 6 hours
  • ·         Meeting point Gergeri village
  • ·         Route for Rouvas forest (40’)
  • ·         Stop during the tour at the middle of the route at Mixeleti to admire but also
  •            take photos of the plain of eMssara   and the          Libyan Sea (10-15’)
  • ·         Arrival at Ai Giannis and breakfast time (40’)
  • ·         Truffle hunting into the forest (45-90’)
  • ·         Lunch with main Truffle as the main ingredient (50’)

Things included in the tour

·        Menu: Traditional homemade pies with honey and bee pollen,traditional bread Ntakos with Cretan tartufo, Cretan cheese, olives, boiled yok/zigouri and pasta with fresh truffle

·         Drinks:water, mountain tea, coffee, wine, raki, and raki with honey (free of charge)