Eleonas Organic Farming Crete

Eleonas Organic Farm

Guided by our love and respect of nature, we aim to provide the best natural products for our visitors. For that reason at Eleonas Country Village we cultivate organic fine products! Around the hotel, the fertile fields are watered thanks to the crystal clear waters of Mt Psiloritis. We have planted fruit trees, olives, plants and vegetables, depending on the seasons.

All our products are organic and are consumed exclusively in our hotel, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Alternatively, you can buy them packaged. In our olive grove, we grow organic olive trees that produce the Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVO), which we use in all our meals and recipes, while we package it for you to enjoy at home.

We also cultivate rare cretan aromatic plants and we process them naturally, so that you can enjoy them as drinks or spices. These gifts from nature provide us with beneficial substances, perfumes and oils! Furthermore, you can find them in practical packaging so you can enjoy them at home! Fresh seasonal fruits such as oranges, can be eaten raw or enjoyed as juices, homemade jams and sweets! In the colourful gardens of Eleonas all kinds of vegetables are grown, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, etc., and arrive directly to your table! Finally, don’t miss a visit to our henhouse, where our cheerful  hens lay daily the fresh, delicious eggs which you taste in different recipes at your breakfast!

Visit Eleonas Country Village all year round and take part in the festive harvest of our products! It’s a celebration!