Starlight Private Dinner

Enjoy a private dinner under the stars !

Starlight Private Dining  

A dinner under the stars! The evenings  at Eleonas Country Village are always magical as  the night sky will be adorned with countless stars and the shining moon!

The hotel’s minimal artificial lighting as well its remote location away from the light pollution creates  a unique setting, for romantic moments! Enjoy a special dinner under the stars, in a well out of sight part of the complex, where no one can bother you.

The kitchen team of our award-winning restaurant "Elia", will curate your  exclusive menu of excellent dishes with local, seasonal and fresh products of Crete, paired with fine spirits and wines from the Cretan vineyard.

Taste, enjoy, live unforgettable moments and eternal memories under the Mediterranean starlight sky!

The menu is a full- course dinner -consisting of 4 courses- paired with wines and drinks. Enjoy a private dinner under the stars!