Cretan rare orchids.

Visit Crete in April and May . Botanically rich, the island of Crete is a unique paradise of rare orchids!

Botanically rich, the island of Crete is a unique paradise of rare orchids! Crete has such a rich and diverse flora because of its location - set between the Greek mainland and the coast of North Africa and, to the east, Israel and the Near East. In Crete you can find more than 70 species and fourteen orchids are endemic to Crete - of these, Cephellantera cucullata, Himantoglossum samariense, and Epipactis cretica.

Visit small villages and unique locations in Cretan mainland, explore the magnificent Cretan nature and admire the amazing orchids!

All tours are for individuals without a guide.

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  • Walking map
  • Walking sticks
  • The exact GPS coordinates, so is very easy to find where specific species of Orchids are located

Some orchids species that you can find in Crete island:

           Ophrys phryganae, Ophrys cretica, Orhrys collina, Orhrys candica, Hermodactylus tuberosus, Orchis simia, Serapias orientalis, Ophrys heldreichii, Ophrys spruneri, Anacamptis pyramidalis, Serapias bergonii, Barlia robertiana, Ophrys Phrygana, Ophrys tethredinifera, Ophrys sphegodes, Ophrys cretensis, Ophrys bombyliflora, Aceras anthropophorum, Ophrys cinereophila, Barlia robertiana, Orchis italica, Orchis papilionacea, Orchis collina, Ophrys tenthedinifera, Orchis quadripunctata, Orchis pauciflora, Ophrys cretina -ssp .adiadne, Ophrys sicula, Ophrys Fusca -ssp. creberrima, Ophrys cretca- ssp. ariadne and much more!