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Eleonas Country Village complex lies in the shadow of the mythical Mt Psiloritis, the highest mountain of Crete, where according to the Greek mythology God Zeus was raised! Stretched over a lush slope that is covered with perennial olive trees and enormous carob trees, Eleonas Country Village resembles a small village nestled in the arms of Cretan nature, just a stone’s throw away from the well- known village of Zaros.


At every step, aromatic herbs, plants and colourful flowers will awaken all your senses!

Green is dominant colour of the landscape and the countless springs of Psiloritis offer water throughout the year.


Picturesquetrails lead to gorgeous hills, small planes, mesmerizing gorges, green valleys, gurgling springs and plenty of shade created bythe plane trees. Eleonas Country Village is a true oasis to any visitor longing for holidays in the heart of nature.


Stone carved from local craftsmen, the independent guest houses, provide spacious rooms of all types and convenient amenities that address the needs of the modern day traveler. All guesthouses have private terraces that value your privacy and offer beautiful views over the landscape. Under the giant carob tree lies the complex's pool for relaxing and carefree moments even during Spring and Autumn, since it is a heated one.


The Eleonas Country Village complex respects the Cretan gastronomy that you can relish at the traditional restaurant in the heart of the complex.  Mouthwatering products of the Cretan land, local recipes cooked with care, along with an extensive wine list from the Cretan vineyards guarantee an unforgettable gastronomic experience to all visitors. The products offered here consists of virgin olive oil from the complex's olive groves, various types of traditional cheese from the family’s model dairy as well as products from the region’s farms.


At a 20 km distance from the complex lie the archaeological sites of Phaistos, Gortyna and AgiaTriada, while at 30 km distance there are scattered idyllic beaches each with its own special atmosphere to suit all tastes.

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