Walking to Ancient olive tree.

A nice walk with start point from the village Panagia ,on the way we pass from 3 old villages and amongst olive groves , with main attraction the ancient olive tree of 3000 years old .

At the first village of Panagia nowadays only 3-4 people still live there , the next village we pass is Paliama , the village was abandoned and the only building still survive is the Church . The village Fari is almost at the end of the route and is also abandoned with the church and some houses still survive used from the local farmers .

  • Start point : Panagia village (5.3 km from eleonas )
  • Suggested visiting : All the year
  • walking : 7.4 km
  • Route duration : 2 & 30 hours
  • Degree of difficulty: 2/5
  • Altitude: ranges from 200m to 300m