Top activities for that will make alternative tourism in Crete an unforgettable experience

What are you looking for from your holidays? Is it the sunny beaches or the nightlife and vivacious nightlife? Or all you wish to do is go fishing or hiking and explore nature? If the latter sounds like something you would enjoy then all you have to go for is with no doubt alternative tourism in Crete. The island’s diverse and stunning landscape and uncountable opportunities to explore nature will cover your every taste. Why not enjoy going trekking in the surrounding mountains or even archery? Mountain bikes offer you the chance to explore the best way you can the area whilst bird watching will amaze you with all the different kinds of birds at your sight! For those you love cooking, alternative tourism in Crete offers you apart from pure food ingredients that you can try at all times the chance to take cooking lessons or even produce your own cheese and learn tones of new stuff on cooking as well as try all the local delicacies and traditional recipes.

Grow vegetables whilst in your holidays or even just go for jogging while feeling the fresh air filling your lungs! In other word in Crete and in Zaros in particular you are offered the chance to try every indoor as well as outdoor activity that you always wanted and see what alternative tourism in Crete is all about. Besides the numerous archaeological sites of the area -Faistos is only 20 km away and Gortina is 13 km and Knossos is 45 km away will give you a pure look deep in history. Get to know the area better and walk through the alleys of the village and discover local architecture or if you are a sea lover then 32 km away you will find the port of Agia Galini where you can get a boat and see the beautiful coasts of Crete proving how exciting alternative tourism in Crete can be.

If you are a wine lover then this is the place to be: at 10 km away from Eleonas cottages in Zaros you will find the winery and see the vineyard inside the winery and be amazed by the wine’s taste and experience it in every stage. So if you really are into the whole alternative tourism in Crete thing, be assured that Zaros is offering you exciting and interesting activities that you will never forget and make this holidays to Crete ones to remember!