Autumn in Crete

Eleonas’s olive harvest in November 1st -18th 2023

At Eleonas Country Village  for the Olive harvest feast

The olive harvest season is one of the greatest celebrations of Cretan nature! From the end of autumn till midwinter, old and new olive groves welcome the farmers, who harvest the precious olive fruits with expertise and passion.

People of all ages gather in the fields, under the green olive trees, for the olive picking while singing and telling stories. Some of them prune, others are responsible for the olive picking or the shorting. There is enough work for everyone!

When they feel tired, they sit down under a large olive tree where they lay the table. Pure products of the Cretan land, such as tomatoes and cucumbers, home-made cheese, traditional pies, olives and a sip of wine are enough to fill them up and encourage them to carry on with the olive picking.

Later on, men transfer the olive sacks to the olive press. There, a small miracle happens; in a few minutes the olives, thanks to modern technology, produce gold; liquid gold, extra virgin olive oil of superb quality. Its rich flavour, aromas, body and beneficial elements awake the human senses when the fresh olive oil touches the palate.

Women return home after having selected the best and more appropriate olives to make them edible for the daily meals. Some of them are made with salt, with vinegar but also other recipes and are kept inside beautiful jars, for lunch or supper all year round.

In the evening, all together men, women and children gather around the table to enjoy the meal, where olives and olive oil are still the protagonists; freshly cut salads abundantly topped with olive oil, dishes cooked with olive oil, table olives with homemade bread. A homemade feast culminates this great olive harvest procedure that lasts until the next morning when everyone reunites back at the olive fields.

Eleonas Country Village invites you to take part in this unique experience of olive picking and spend five days discovering everything you need to know about the olive tree and its culture.

Harvest activities set the tone, and visitors are welcome to join in this celebration of the land.

Activities program

·         3 Days Olive picking at our bio - olive grove with a traditional picnic break .

·         We Visit the olive mill to take part in the oil production process as well as fresh olive oil tastings.

·         A Culinary course of traditional Cretan recipes that make olive oil the star it deserves to be  ,traditional meal with all dishes we will cook , accompanied by wines of indigenous varieties from the Cretan vineyard.

●       All participants will receive fresh olive organic oil as gift.

●       All transfers to/from several activities.

Be part in this unique experience of olive picking and spend a week on Crete, discovering everything you need to know about the olive tree and its culture and enjoy the beautiful Crete in Autumn.

For accommodation you can book here

·         The program could change depending on the weather,

·         The participation on program is not mandatory for every day. The weather in Crete on November could be 22-26 degrees and sea is still warm for swimming.

Packages include.

·         Accommodation + Breakfast + Dinner

·         · 7 days any time from 1st of November ( till 18th )

·         Rates for 7 nights 990 euro  ,Rates for 2 persons (  single use -10% )   .

·         Car hire , special offer  for 7 days  150 EUR.  

·         By taxi   ( From HER airport and return 130 EUR ).  

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