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Discover “the unspoiled Crete” while following paths through wild flowers, ancient olive trees and groves, small rivers, monasteries, gorges, secret forests, hidden villages, and old pathways

Zaros Village
In Zaros, you will be impressed by the variety of activities it has to offer. Starting with a visit to the lake, you can enjoy your coffee while gazing at its blue green waters, feed the ducks and fish or walk around the lake and enjoy the beautiful scenery. When you have worked up an appetite, you can try the amazing food of the local cuisine at the traditional tavern protected by the shade of the plane trees.

For action lovers, the Agiou Nikolaou canyon is the ideal choice. The path starts at the Zaros lake and passes by many interesting sights and places, starting with the Agiou Nikolaou Monastary, 900 metres further down. About 2,5 kilometres down the path you will find the entrance to the canyon which leads to the amazing forest in Rouvas, one of the few oak forests in Greece. There you will find the Agiou Ioanni (St. John) church.

The length of the route from the lake to the forest is 5 kilometres and requires about 2,5 hours when hiking uphill and 1,5 hours when hiking downhill.

Next on the tour of the area’s sights is Moni Vrontisiou, which was an important spiritual centre during the 17th century. Do not forget to visit Iera Moni Agiou Fanouriou (Valsamonerou), a monastary adorned with beautiful murals. There are many more sights near the area which you can visit, such as the caves and canyon in Kamares in addition to many car routes.

If you would like to get to know the village better, a walk through the narrow alleys of the village may hold many surprises. You will have the opportunity to admire the traditional, local architecture and find yourselves face to face with the amazing chapel of Agia Kiriaki (St. Kiriaki) which is located next to the church museum. Further down in lower Zaros, you will come across one of the village’s ten watermills (up until today two of the ten have been preserved and are open to visiting).

About 7 kilometres outside the village you will find the manmade Faneromeni Damn, where the rich, natural environment meets man’s work in technology.


Area  Distances
Zaros village  Square    2.0 km
Zaros Lake  0.6  km
Bank 2 km
Post Office 2 km
Farmacy 2 km
Moni Vrontonisiou   5 km
Nearest hospital (Mires ) 15.3 km (open 24h )
Big super Market  Moires City 13 km

Nearby Beaches
Komos Beach   27.8km 
Kalamaki Beach  28.8 km
Matala  beach   29.7  km
Kokkinos Pirgos  28.7 km

Archaeological Site
Gortyna  18.4 km
Festos  21.2 km
Agia Triada  24.1  km
Agia Galini  32 km
Knossos Palace   60.1 km
Heraklion Archaeological Museum   47.4 km
Airports -Ports
Heraklion Port  48.1 km
Agia Galini Port  38.9 km
Heraklion  Airport  50.6 km
Chania Airport    151 km