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Everything you need to know on small hotels in Crete  

When travelling abroad all you wish to find is a nice place to stay and the chance to get to make the most out of your holidays. When travelling to Greece and especially visiting the Greek islands this is the only thing you will surely find. The most important thing is that you are offered a huge variety of small hotels in Crete promising to cover your every taste. If you are looking for a cottage or a small hotel in Crete then you are offered a variety of traditional cottages to choose from.

Ecotourism and alternative tourism in Zaros is an option that is ideal for you that you are looking to experience a totally different kind of holidays. Try horse riding or mountains biking or even a walk in the woods and relax along with your wife and kids to the best small family hotel in Crete. Besides when traveling with your whole family you need to find a hotel accommodation that can make everyone happy! In the island you will see that finding the perfect small family hotel in Crete is not a fantasy but a reality and you will be amazed by the locals’ hospitality! Try the area’s homemade goodies from cheese to jam and cheese and taste the real Greek flavor! The ideal small hotel in Crete has everything from indoor to outdoor activities for your kids as well as you and your whole family so that you will make these holidays the best of your life.

The most important thing however is to make sure that you enjoy your stay in the island as when you do have a family you need to have as many facilities as possible. Choose from a variety of small hotels in Crete that offers you all the facilities you can think of from a refreshing mountain view to the richest breakfast you had ever had in your whole life! Experience the island’s beauty and leave like the locals by choosing the right small hotel in Crete that will offer you everything from a rich breakfast with coffee, milk, mountainous tea, or freshly-squeezed orange juice as well as home-made jams: orange, apple, strawberry, apricot, tomato, olives and many other flavors, fresh butter and home-made bread, a variety of cheese, honey and yoghourt, cake, and traditional delicacies that will remain in your mind for ever. Top cottages and small family hotel in Crete offer you all these services.