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All you wanted to know about finding the top b&b hotel in Crete  

Looking for tranquility from your holidays in Greece? Then Crete the land of diverse scenery and amazing beauty is offering you everything you can think of! The island that has something to offer to everybody is offering you all the comforts that you are looking for whether it is a countryside small hotel in Crete a countryside b&b in Crete or simply just a b&b hotel in Crete. In the heart of Zaros you will find so much more than just a b&b hotel in Crete.

You will find the best countryside b&b in Crete that is offering you apart from relaxed holidays the chance to practice so many activities from trekking in the surrounding mountains -as Zaros is ideal for this type of activities- to archery and mountain bike and discover a whole different side of the most amazing greek island. Bird watching and cooking lessons of Cretan cuisine are making Zaros a top holiday destination and the fact that you will find in the area the best b&b hotel in crete is offering you just about everything. Finding the perfect countryside b&b in Crete is not a hard job when it comes to Zaros that has the perfect cottages that promises to show you what Cretan hospitality is all about. What else could you possibly ask for when travelling in Crete other than a comfy bed, a full and tasty breakfast and an amazing scenery?

Well choosing a b&b hotel in crete is an ideal choice if all you wish to do is explore the area’s beauty and countless activities. Now you can find out so much more about yourself with a variety of outdoor activities not only for you but also for your family! If food is your passion apart from daily consuming top quality Cretan food you will be able to take cooking and cheese making lessons and have the chance to participate in the actual process of cheese making and find out so much more about this exciting process!

So if you feel like you wish to learn new exciting things, do as many activities as you can and experience the best holidays of your life then Zaros is the right place to be in whether you wish to make your winter or summer holidays ones to remember! So all you have to do is find the ideal company -your family, best friend or your other half- and explore both the beautiful scenery of Zaros but also yourself!